Open Source

Over the years, being an engineer at heart, I had to do fun projects in my spare time. Most of these revolve around my obsession — err profession — of build management and software development in general.

  • Confix is a build tool written in Python. With a very simple build definition it generates build definitions for the lower-level tools Automake and CMake.
  • jf-unittest is a simple yet complete unit test framework written in C++. I hear you: “Why would the world need yet another unit test framework?”. Answer: for C++ there is nothing out there that satisfies me. Your mileage may vary — perhaps your project depends on so many things already that a unit test framework and its own dependencies don’t matter. I don’t like dependencies, and jf-unittest has none.
  • jf-linuxtools is a package that contains small utilities (and their unit tests) to accompany the course in systems programming.