Projects as Freelancer

(as of January, 2014)

  • Device driver for PCI hardware by a producer of measurement equipment (Windows port of a former Linux project)

    Period: January 2014, ongoing
    Location: near Graz, Austria

  • Backport and integration of a driver for touch hardware

    Period: May, 2013 Location: near Stuttgart, Germany

  • Miscellaneous Python programs for IT use; for example

    • E-Billing (Email communication, attachment extraction, electronic signature verification …)
    • Interfacing an information system

    Period: February until June 2013

  • Device driver for PCI hardware by a producer of measurement equipment

    Period: December, 2012 until September, 2013
    Location: near Graz, Austria

  • Automatic server installation, for a producer of radar surveillance systems

    Period: June, 2012 until September, 2012
    Ort: near Munich, Germany

  • Maintenance of a home-grown Linux system, on a Gentoo Linux basis

    • Updating the OS (kernel and userspace)
    • Integration of a USB touchscreen

    Period: March, 2012 until April, 2012
    Company: Spielo International
    Location: near Graz, Austria

  • Data conversion, for a producer of radar surveillance systems

    • Conversion of miscellaneous ASTERIX formats for the purpose of integrating external data sources (in Python)
    • Data export via SOAP (in Python)

    Period: June, 2011 until March, 2012
    Location: near Munich, Germany

  • IP camera integration for a producer of electronic/video tolling systems

    • Implementation of a GigE-Vision client library (in C++)
    • Software based camera simulation (for automatic testing) (in C++)

    Period: September, 2011 until April, 2012
    Location: near Graz, Austria

  • Miscellaneous systems programming for a producer of electronic/video tolling systems

    • Hardware integration (touch screen, gyrosensor; in C and C++)
    • Tailoring of cryptsetup (filesystem encryption) to the needs of the customer’s embedded application (in C)

    Period: March, 2011 until August, 2011
    Location: near Graz, Austria

  • Miscellaneous, Logistik/Automation

    • Communication protocols (in C++/Linux)
      • Server to SPS (TCP)
      • Server to autonomous vehicles (TCP)
      • Server to customer IT (TCP)
      • Autonomous vehicles to microcontroller (serial/RS232)
    • Consulting
      • Version control, release management (Subversion)
      • Software architecture

    Period: 2008 until 2013
    Location: near Graz, Austria

  • Miscellaneous, Heating

    • Plant Parametrisation (C in IAR/ARM Workbench Segger embOS, VBA/Excel)
    • Parameter distribution, protocol design (TCP in Segger embOS, Microsoft .NET/C#, Linux)
    • Version control infrastructure (Subversion, miscellaneous scripts in Python and Bash)

    Period: January, 2010 until March, 2011
    Location: St.Margarethen, Austria

  • Build environment maintenance (CMake, Confix, in Python)

    Period: May, 2009 until June, 2010
    Company: Salomon Automation GmbH
    Location: Friesach bei Graz, Austria

  • Courses all around Linux

    • Software development for Linux newbies
    • Linux from Scratch
    • Python
    • Shell-Programming
    • Embedded Linux

    Period: September, 2010 (ongoing)
    Company: Mathias Kettner
    Location: Munich, Germany

  • Courses all around Linux

    • Systems programming
    • Embedded Linux

    Period: November, 2010 (ongoing)
    Company: Bodenseo
    Location: Singen, Germany

Projects as Employee

  • Atronic GmbH, Unterpremstätten bei Graz

    • Software architecture
    • Porting of gaming software to Linux from ENEA/OSE (C++)
    • System interface design
    • Driver development (Linux/PowerPC, USB)
    • OS development, based on Gentoo Linux, Vanilla-Kernel, Aufs

    Period: 2006 until 2010

  • Salomon Automation GmbH, Friesach bei Graz

    • Software architecture
    • Departement lead
    • Design and analysis
    • Database design
    • Development of an object-relational database interface (C++)

    Period: 2001 until 2006

  • Hyperwave AG, Graz

    • Software development
    • Departement lead
    • Design and analysis (Rational Rose)
    • Release management (CVS, Subversion)
    • Systems programming (C++ in Linux and Windows)

    Period: 1998 until 2001